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Fifth Grade

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Fifth grade uses the Georgia Standards of Excellence as the framework of learning for conceptual understanding. This framework focuses on developing the critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful. These standards provide a way for teachers to measure student progress throughout the school year and ensure that students are on the pathway to success in their academic careers.


The planner is an important mode of communication between you and the school.  Please check and sign the planner each day for homework, project assignments, and other communication from your child’s teacher.

Take Home Folders

Take home folders containing graded papers, newsletters, and school information go home each Thursday.  Please sign and return the folders on Friday.

Promotion Requirements

1.      Pass ELA and mathematics, plus one additional academic course (science or social studies) with an average of 70 or higher in each course.

2.     Meet all attendance requirements.

3.     Earn at/above grade level designation in reading as determined on the state-adopted assessment in ELA.

4.     Score at the developing learner achievement level or above in mathematics.

5.     Previous MTSS should be considered.