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Speech and language development is vitally important in the development of good communication skills, which is as important as academic skills learned in school. Some speech and language problems include: stuttering, understanding what others say, verbally expressing one’s thoughts in an organized manner and pronouncing certain sounds. Speech-language problems can isolate us from other people and frustrate our efforts to learn and grow. Proper identification and treatment from a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) can eliminate or minimize the impact.

Students with speech and language needs are referred to the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) by their classroom teachers. Teachers fill out a speech referral form and contact parents to get permission for screeners to be administered. A vision and hearing screening, as well as speech and language screeners are administered. The student may also be observed within the classroom by the SLP. Parents will be contacted by the SLP with results and what interventions are required following the screenings. Students with speech and language needs then receive MTSS interventions in the area(s) of weakness. Teachers and/or the SLP will provide these interventions. Data is taken to track progress. If the student progresses with interventions, they will continue until the difficulties are alleviated. If interventions are not productive, the SLP and teachers will communicate with parents about the next steps in the process. A referral for a comprehensive evaluation will be made if limited or no progress is made with interventions. When students have a speech-language impairment that limits learning and meets the Georgia state eligibility requirements for the Speech Impaired program, they receive individualized services provided by me.

As the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at Twin Oaks Elementary, I integrate students’ communication goals with academic and social goals. Services are provided in many different ways to meet the needs of each individual student. I provide services through individual or group sessions in my speech room or in classrooms. If you have any questions or comments regarding speech and language services for your child, please contact me. If your child is already serviced by me, I appreciate the opportunity to work with your child to achieve his or her highest potential.

Rules / Expectations
Your child is expected to follow the school wide rules while in the Speech Room:

Show Respect
Take Responsiblity
Always Safe and


Updated 5/26/23

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