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Dress Code



Our students will be required to maintain the level of personal hygiene necessary to ensure a healthy school environment and to refrain from any mode of dress or appearance that proves to contribute to any disruption in the function of the school.  This includes:

1.  No hats (unless on a school-approved hat day or hat passes)

2.  No tank tops, midriffs, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or form-fitting shirts.  Shoulders should be 


3.  Skirts, dresses, and shorts (No cutoffs) must be worn at or below mid-thigh. This does not mean “right above” mid–thigh, but that mid-thigh should be the shortest these items can be worn.   Skirts, dresses, and shorts should be mid-thigh all the way around including the sides and back. These must be mid-thigh even if leggings are worn. 

         The privilege to wear shorts may be taken away if a student repeatedly violates the dress code.

               4.  No lettering across the rear end.

5.  No clothing that makes reference to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, race, etc. No clothing that implies an attitude that being disrespectful is acceptable.  

6.  No excessive make-up or jewelry.  No artificial fingernails or tattoos should be worn at school.

7.  Certain hairstyles are not appropriate. Any hairstyle that is distracting to others may be considered inappropriate.

8. All clothes must be worn as they are made.  Pants/shorts must be worn correctly, and at NO TIME shall be worn below the waist.  

9. No backless shoes or shoes with a heel more than 2 inches high can be worn by students.  All shoes with ties must be tied so as not to cause anyone to trip. Shoes with wheels, cleats, and/or spikes are not appropriate for school. Tennis shoes should be worn for Physical Education.

10.  No scarves, handkerchiefs, or bandannas may be worn as a hairpiece.

11.  No jeans/pants or tops with an excessive amount of holes or wear and tear. No holes that show skin 

above mid-thigh.